Who is the school for?

Children who want a safe and healthy place to be encouraged to love learning, respect and show kindness to themselves and others and who have a love and respect for their Creator.

Once we have received your application form, we will contact you to arrange an interview with our principal. The application fee is R400.

Your child will be assessed to see whether they are ready for the proposed grade (academically, socially, emotionally and physically).

Prerequisites for Acceptance:

  1. Must speak English
  2. Based on Biblical principles.
  3. Commitment as a family to a healthy lifestyle
  4. Dress and behavior code in keeping with good character and values

Annual School Fees and Payment Options

Monthly Fee includes

  • School fees

  • Food levy (includes all food, snacks, drinks) 

  • Activities levy (cooking, gardening, outings) 

  • Materials levy (stationery, art & craft materials) and levy for first aid & emergency services.

  • Tuition covering the full range of Academic, Cultural and Sporting activities from 8am – 2pm (presently from 9am to 1pm) until Covid 19 is over and the parents and teachers have all agreed to move to original school hours

  • Outdoor curriculum including 'once a term' outing

  • Mid-morning & afternoon refreshments and lunch (Lunch excluded until Covid 19 is over and times have reverted to pre-Covid) 

  • Stationery, printing and textbooks

Not included in the Total Annual Fee:

  • Aftercare from 2pm to 3pm (this includes activities such as drama, crafts and extra lessons) R300 added to monthly fee

  • Private Music lessons after 3 pm

  • Incidental charges (Clothing, extra events, etc.)


An enrolment fee of R5000 less 10% for each additional child

This is used to acquire the desk, chair, textbooks, stationery, infrastructure, and equipment, etc. to set the child up in all areas. This investment is a sign to us that the parents are financially stable and able to pay the ongoing fees.

Annual Re-enrolment fee – R1000 per family per year from the 2nd year only – this is used to develop the school infrastructure and equipment, library books, science equipment, etc.


*For more information on GED costs, please view the following websites:



Please NOTE: Enrolment fee for GED is R2 500 or parents can pay for the online registration.  Parents also pay for the exams.  GED fees are dependent on the dollar/rand exchange rate.


Contact Claudia at admin@thedanielacademy.co.za

NB. One term notice period (3 months) is required by the parents should a child leave the school after the 3-month initial probation period.

Our Fees and

Admissions Policy and Procedure

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Step 2.

Step 3.

On our acceptance of your child, and your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, arrangements will be made to meet the teacher and confirm a Start Date.